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House training a puppy click blue docx below.


How to groom your puppy copy & paste in browser below​


Biewers & Yorkies can live up to 19 years so we really would like to see them go to their forever home.  We do not keep our dogs in outside kennels.  They are all kept inside with us as part of the family.

We also want to help to match the perfect puppy for your family and can help you pick out which one best fits your family.  As we want to make sure every puppy goes to the PERFECT home.  It is very important to us.

If a time comes when you can no longer keep your puppy, even after it is grown - I will be happy to take it in until a loving adoptive home can be found.  Respectfully I can not refund any money, only the assurance your treasured pet will not find it's way to a pound, or shelter. 


Keep your new puppy on the food we give you. It is NOT wise to make sudden changes in diet. For the first couple of weeks change nothing. The pup is stressed enough by moving away from its siblings, possible travel to its new home, all the excitement of a new environment and the meeting of new people. Puppy stress can often cause diarrhea. Do not compound the problem and cloud the issue for the veterinarian by a dietary change too soon. A little canned pumpkin added to the pup's food will help with stress diarrhea. After a couple of weeks when the pup has settled in, if you wish to change diets do so gradually. Add some of the new food in with the old. Slowly increasing the amount of the new diet until the change is complete.


You have a beautiful baby and you want to share it with the world... but wait! Your puppy's immune system is under construction! For now, you need to protect that baby. It is not quite time to go to puppy parks, pet stores, meet-up groups, or to take your pup to your friends and family to introduce him|her to their pets. As hard as it might be, you will also need to limit people with pets from coming to visit as well. You should wait at least a month after your pups last puppy shot before risking exposure. Use this time to teach your pup to bond to you, to listen to you, and a few basic puppy manners. Then when it is safe, they will be a welcome guest wherever they go. After the pup is ready for the world, puppy classes are an excellent way to allow the pup to interact with other dogs while in a safe and controlled environment. Consider joining a breed club in your area. There you will meet other Yorkie lovers and have the opportunity to participate in events and activities with people who love the Yorkshire Terrier as much as you!


Veterinarian Care:
You will want to find a qualified veterinarian BEFORE receiving a new puppy in your home. We  require you to have a "well-baby check up" by your veterinarian soon after the pup's arrival at your home. If you do not know of a good veterinarian in your area, please do research from you friends or online.   Ask a lot of questions. It is best to have a veterinarian with experience in their care, especially for future surgical procedures like a spay or neuter. On your first vet visit, take along the puppy's shot record, worming information that er provide and a stool sample (in a Ziploc bag will due). Do NOT set your new baby down on the floor at the clinic and do NOT let other pets or people in the office approach and|or touch the pup. Many are there because they are sick and have yet to see the vet for diagnosis. We include 1 free office visit from our vet to meet our vet.

Striving to make your initial vet care friendly & stress free! Marietta Vet Clinic would like to offer the following to Dreamy Pups new puppy owners.



1. Puppy food dry I will let you know what kind once they are weened.
2. A tube of Nutri Cal supplement.  Give at night time (dime size amount).  
3. Karo Syrup you get at the grocery store.  Add 2 drops a day in with your pups water.
4. An appointment with a veterinarian to have a well  Puppy check within 48 hours after receiving your Puppy. (Best if you call ahead a few days to schedule the appointment to ensure the Puppy will be checked within 48 hours of arriving at their new home).

***I must receive a copy of this report in order to validate your pups health guarantee***
Important information about transport stress.  Sometimes transport stress can trigger conditions such as Coccidia and Giarida regardless if being transported by airplane or automobile. Such conditions can be treated with simple medications like Albon, Flaygl and Sulfatrim.  A follow up with your vet within 48 hours can easily detect if any of these conditions exist.   Karo syrup helps keep blood sugar on tract in small pups.  Please make sure your new puppy eats & drinks plenty of water for the first few day.  
Leave water & food  out at all times for your new puppy.  A tube of Nutri Cal is invaluable if a puppy don't eat as well as he/she should.  If you want to switch to another food you need to do it slowly over a few days to a weeks time as it can cause diarrhea.



DO NOT LET VET Give LEPTO SHOT!  It can kill your puppy.

♥~Pet Insurance~♥
Pet Insurance it is peace of mind if your dog/puppy falls & breaks a leg or gets sick.  It is peace of mind your baby will be protected and covered.


Your pup will come with 1 month free health insurance from Trupanion.  I highly recommend to have health insurance on your pets.  That is why we are giving you 1 free month with Trupanion.  As you never know when accidents may happen. 



Recommended Items 


IRIS USA 8-Panel Plastic Pet Pen
IRIS USA 8-Panel Plastic Pet Pen This pet pen can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can also take panels out to make it a smaller pen like in pic.   Keeps your pup safe and washable pads work great inside for training.  usually has the best prices on these. 

Washable under pads combines convenience,  reusable incontinence bed pads.  These are wonderful for pad training and is what we use.  You can find these on Amazon. I recommend having at least 4 of these.  I like using the size 24 x 34" size

Nail clippers and or Nail grinder/file.  These can be bought from 

  • Removing Tear and Saliva Stains on Fur click link below


FURminator Adjustable Dematting Tool for Dogs


A must to have to clean ears click link below to order


Wahl Professional Peanut Classic plug in with cord. Click link above.

Keep hair trimmed off front and back of ears to keep ears from flopping. 


Shampoo & Conditioner   Click link below.

Code: Intro4u to save 20% off first order.


A must have to remove eye buggers next to eyes.

Harness with pups id tag attached to it in case pup gets lost.  Please NEVER walk pups with collars as it pulls too much on there little necks and can cause damage. Remember pups are not to go outside until all 4 sets of puppy shots are completed.


Puppy Kits Food & Treats please get with me before ordering.

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