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Due to Covid-19 virus we will not be allowing any one in our home or visiting.  Our health & safety comes first!  We will be happy to Face-time  with you.  Pickup will still be from my home outside on porch.

PLEASE READ to be added to our waitlist.

From this point forward, if you submit a puppy application, you MUST also place a $100 Commitment Fee for the upcoming litters to be added to our waitlist.  It is deducted from the deposit amount due when puppy is born.  I understand that placing this fee guarantees me a spot on the waiting list and I will have my choice at available puppies as they become available to me. Dreamy Pups always has 1st pick of the litter. The fee is non-refundable if you decide not to get a pup from us.  If you have submitted a previous application please contact me to send payment. 


Striving to preservation of bloodlines & better the breed!  

Health Tested Parents..

Deposit  POL

Renne in CA. Sundae female

Natalie in Ca. upcoming biewer litter female 

Waitlist with commitment fee paid

1. Janice Marto female small

AKC Biewer Litter Born 12-28-20

Dreamy Pups 1st pick

Renee in CA. 2nd pick

Jennifer V. has 3nd pick of Ariel's litter 

AKC Biewer Female Champion Line


AKC Biewer Female Champion Line


AKC Biewer Female Champion Line


BYA Litter Born 1-3-20

Dark Biro Biewer Male with more chocolate on back



Biro Biewer Male with more white on him. 



Born 1-13-21 AKC Registered Biewer litter loaded with Champion Lines. 

Pick of Litter for Renee in California 

1 Male will be available once POL picks pup.

AKC Champion Line Biewer Male 


AKC Champion Line Biewer Male smaller male


BYA Champion Line Biro & Biewer litter due around March 1.  Fingers Crossed.